Banana Boat, the maker of sunscreens is recalling one of their products and warning consumers to be aware. Energizer Holdings, which owns Banana Boat, has recalled newly two dozen products in their UIltaMist spray- on tan line after people caught on fire after using the product. Four people in the United States and one in Canada reported they caught fire after using the product and standing near an open flame.

The problem is the spray value is over-applying the spray taking it longer to dry and making it more flammable. One of the burn victims says there’s no warning label on the product to let comsumers know to let it dry for a few minutes before getting near an open flame. Brett Sigworth said if he had known the spray tan was flammable for up to two minutes after you applied it, he wouldn’t have used it. Several users reported catching on fire this past summer after using the Banana Boat spray- on tan and standing near a barbeque.