Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio news co-anchors on Bangor's WVII channel 7 and sister station WFVX channel 22, announced their resignations at the end of Tuesday's 6 p.m. newscast. Michaels and Cosiglio, who have a combined 12 plus years' of service at WVII and WFVX, shocked staff members and viewers with their joint resignations

Consiglio, 28, from Connecticut, broke in with WVII as a sports reporter in April 2006. Michaels, the station's news director, had spent six of her fifteen years in Bangor's radio and TV market at WVII. Consiglio told the Bangor Daily News he just "wanted to know that I was doing the best job I could and was being honest and ethical as a journalist, and I thought there were times when I wasn't able to do that." Neither reporter had told anyone of their decisions before Tuesday's newscast. Michaels told BDN, "we figured if we had tendered our resignations off the air, we would not have been allowed to say goodbye to the community on the air and that was really important for us to do that."

The anchors said frustration over the way they were allowed or told to do their jobs had been steadily mounting for the last four years and became too much for them.

According to BDN, WVII/WFVX general manager and vice president, Mike Palmer, said it was "unfortunate,but not unexpected." He added that they'll hire experienced people to fill these positions sooner rather than later.

Both anchors say they do not have anything lined up in terms of jobs in the media.

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