With Major League Baseball ready to get underway there are so many different predictions on who will win the division races. Some are predicting the Boston Red Sox to win the American League East again this year but more ‘experts’ seem to be leaning toward the Toronto Blue Jays or the Tampa Bay Rays.

Whomever wins may depend on break-out years of some players on their teams and there seems to be a few players the ‘experts’ are saying will have a break-out year.

For the Boston Red Sox, shortstop Xander Bogaerts had good 2013 playoffs appearances and seems to be a young talent ready to take a full time position at either shortstop or third base.

The St. Louis Cardinals think outfielder Oscar Taveras, who was considered the best hitter in the minor leagues, is ready to take over the spot left vacant by Carlos Beltran who left for the Yankees.

The Seattle Mariners have two players that could have break-out years. Shortstop Brad Miller, who is aggressive at the plate, has good speed and a solid glove in the field. They also have high hopes for right handed pitcher Taijuan Walker who had three solid starts in September last year after coming up from the minor league.