Lewiston has been hit hard over the past few weeks with the news of jobs leaving the city. Geiger Brothers announced that up to 100 jobs would be cut and that was followed by White Rock Distilleries announcing that 160 jobs would be moved to their plant in Kentucky. However, not all the economic news is bad for Lewiston.Baxter Brewing Company has only been in business for two years and is located in the Bates Mill Complex in Lewiston. Expansion has begun to increase production for the Maine brewery. Baxter Brewery makes Stowaway IPA, Amber Road, Pamola Xtra Pale Ale and seasonal creations. Currently, they have only been able to meet 30 percent of orders for the above products.

The expansion will add six more fermenters, two to be delivered in April, two more this fall and the final two in the spring of 2014. The cost of the project will be near $2 million. Each fermenter will add about 90 barrels of beers per week to their production. Production will also increase to a 24-hour schedule.

Baxter Brewing Company currently has 10 employees and that should increase to 20 employees once the expansion is complete.

Baxter Brewing Company can be found in Maine and Massachusetts and they hope to expand to New Hampshire and Vermont.