Getty Images, photo by Andreas Rentz

Just as the spring and summer grilling seasons are getting under way, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the price of beef is on the rise. Record high prices could mean we’ll be paying more for beef at the supermarkets. The U.S. cattle and calf herd is at its lowest since 1952.

A few factors are involved in the rise in beef prices. For one, this time of year there is a greater demand for beef as people cook on the grill more, but the main reason is because of a prolonged dry spell in the Southwestern part of the country, which followed an historic dry spell in the Plains which damaged pastures. Foreign markets are also tapping into the U.S. meat market, increasing prices. In the quarter that ended in March, compared to a year ago, beef price went up 6.5 per cent.

Yeah, happy grilling!