A little white dog was found wandering around downtown in Belfast on Christmas Day. The little white dog didn't look like a stray, it was clean, manicured and looked like a well maintained-dog. Belfast Police Sgt. John Gibbs told the Bangor Daily News, 'because it was the holiday, and he figured the dog's owner would turn up soon, he decided to find the dog a temporary local home rather than send her down to the nearest animal shelter in Rockport.'Gibbs also wrote a short post about the lost dog on Facebook and that post has been shared over 1,300 times, the owner still hasn't come forward.

The dog had a pink and yellow collar and is believed to be a West Highland White Terrier.

Even though the dog had that collar on, there were no tags and a recent scan showed it doesn't have a chip.

If anyone has information about the dog, they are asked to call the Belfast Police at 338-2420.