I like my reality television. I like American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Voice, but if I had to choose to watch just one, it'd be Big Brother. The 14th season on CBS just wrapped up this week and I thoroughly enjoyed this season. ****SPOILER ALERT*****

The final 3 this season were past winner Dan Gheesling, and newcomers Ian Terry and Danielle Murphree. The final HOH of the season is broken down into 3 parts. The winner of part 1 will face the winner of part 2 in the third part of the HOH and the winner will evict the final house guest. In the finale of Big Brother, Dan sure did have both Ian and Danielle hoodwinked. Dan convinced Ian to throw part one of the HOH and in turn convinced Danielle to give up on part one of the HOH, giving Dan a free ticket to take part in the final HOH. The second part of the HOH saw Ian win over Danielle and that set up a Dan and Ian matchup in the final HOH. Ian answered all the questions correctly and he had to choose who would be evicted. Ian ended up evicting Danielle and to take Dan to the finals.

The 'jury house' of the last 7 house guests vote who should win the $500,000 grand prize. Ian won with a 6-1 vote over Dan. Dan ended up with $50,000 for second place. He won season 10 and won $500,000 that year! America voted for their favorite player and Frank Eudy won a $25,000 prize!

It was a fun summer of HOH's, POV's, alliances, backstabbing, slop and the quack pack! I am looking forward to season 15 next summer.