I have had only one traffic ticket, and I paid it right away. The trooper got me. I was speeding. So, I think this is a great idea. Own up to what you did right away, pay the ticket and get a discount on the fine. 

According to the KJ, Rep. Tim Marks of Pittston wants to give speeders and others who commit traffic infractions a 10% discount if they fess up and pay right away. Marks is a retired state trooper and says it's not fair that those who admit they made a mistake and pay the ticket quickly often pay more than people who contest their fines by going to court.

There can also be a lot of waste in the process. Marks told the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee that law enforcement officers get paid overtime to sit in court and sometimes the defendants don't even show up. His feeling is any loss in the revenue to the state because of the discount would be offset by the reduction of other costs in the process.

His bill would apply to all traffic infractions, regardless of who writes the ticket. Marks' bill does not give a time frame in which to pay the amount, but the bill could be amended at work session to add a deadline.  The bill would apply to all traffic infractions regardless of who writes the ticket.