Let me start by saying I love a lively downtown area, anywhere. I love the older building and think they can be a hub for exciting local business opportunity. But, would changing the traffic pattern in Augusta really make a difference?

I drive through downtown Augusta just about every day. It is my travel path to Mill Park and the Augusta Dog Park. I have watched SO many positive things happen in downtown Augusta in the last few years. Building are looking sharp, local business with unique offering are opening and based on the cars I see parked near those business, seem to be thriving.

As an Augusta resident, tax payer and consumer I have some suggestions on helping downtown Augusta to thrive. I don’t think the whole traffic pattern needs to be reworked, maybe some better signage on how to use the ‘downtown loop’. I will say I feel safer crossing the street in downtown Augusta; I only have to worry about traffic in one direction not two. So, where do I see the cars parked? They are parked around The Downtown Diner, Merkaba Sol, Stacy’s Hallmark, Charlamagne’s, and in between those business are SO many other wonderful business as well. Christmas of 2011, I was able to do all my shopping in downtown Augusta and had SO many perfect and unique gifts!

Hey, it’s all just my opinion as a shopper, as a tax payer and resident. But, I know about all the wonderful offerings in downtown Augusta because I drive there every day. But keep spreading the word to others who do not make into the Augusta downtown area about what IS there! If I don’t know what there is for me in an unknown area, I will not go there. But IF I do learn about some store I want to visit or restaurant I want to eat at, or event I want to attend, I will venture into new territory, and with a few good traffic signs, I can even handle the traffic pattern, whatever it may be.