Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children ranging in age from four to eleven and they are huge animal lovers, so Brad had a petting zoo built for his children at their home in France. Pitt said Maddox and Pax, the two oldest, are safari mad, meaning they wanted lions, tigers and crocodiles but Pitt decided to go with something a little smaller so the younger twins could enjoy them too.

The home petting zoo consists of goats, ducks, llamas, geese, rabbits and others so his kids can learn to take of them, kind of a lesson in responsibility. Apparently animals will play a big part in Brad and Angelina’s wedding, which is believed to be taking place in May because Brad received a wedding license in February and they must get married within 90 days or they have to reapply.  The couple wants to have leaping Shetland ponies greet guests as they arrive for their big day and they want elephants to represent each member of the family. As for the petting zoo, it’s located in a field on their property, penned off with little huts for the animals to live in.