Just imagine the shock, your whole family is gathered at the family home to mourn the passing of a loved one and the deceased walks in. The family of 41 year old Gilberto Araujo thought he was a victim of a car wash shooting when police called and told his brother he was killed and his body was at the morgue. At the morgue, Araujos’ brother, Jose, identified the body as his brothers and took it to his mother’s house for the wake.

According to huffingtonpost.com and police inspector Roberto Lima, both men worked at car washes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but did not work at the same one.  Lima said it’s understandable the mistake the brother made as both men closely resembled each other and both had the same job. A few hours before the funeral a friend saw Gilberto walking down the street and told him everyone thought he was dead. He went to his wake to prove he was alive and some people fainted and other where so frightened they ran away. Gilberto’s mother was overjoyed.