A campus shooting at the small Christian college of Seattle Pacific University could have been much worse if it wasn’t for 22 year old student Jon Meis. The gunman, wielding a shot gun, walked into Otto Miller Hall where Meis was working as a building monitor, and opened fire killing one student and injuring two others. It was quick thinking by Meis that kept things from getting worse.

When the gunman went to reload, Meis tackled him and peppered sprayed him to stop the attack. Meis, a very private person, is being hailed as a hero and rightfully so because police say without his quick thinking more students would have died.

Meis refuses to give interviews but in a written statement he said he knows parents are telling their children about him saying there really are heroes out there and that touches him deeply. He also said, like anyone else, he had imagined what it would be like to save a life but never thought he would be put into a situation like that. The experience has given him a new respect for first responders.

An online campaign at the school has raised $50,000 for Meis and supporters have bought all the items on his wedding registry for him and his fiancée. Meis says he is overwhelmed by peoples generosity but wants any future donation to go to the victims of the shooting, not him.