The Augusta Food Bank has been helping Augusta and Manchester since 1981, but as needs have been growing and growing the donations are now down. Ouch. I was reading in the KJ this weekend that the Augusta Food Bank ended January $2000 in the red. Double ouch!! 

I talked with Abbie Perry in mid-January about the Augusta Food Bank. Because of the holidays and bad weather the Augusta Food Bank had only been open a few days for clients, but was already seeing growing needs.  Flash forward a couple of weeks, things did not get better. You can help out? You can donate online at the Augusta Food Bank website.

Do not get me wrong; your local food bank always needs the support of its community. That is not always money or donations; sometimes it is your time that is needed. Find your local food bank right here!

As for donations, it is not just non-perishables that are needed, things like personal hygiene items are needed. Those things can really take a bit out of a budget and are not something you can buy with food-stamps benefits.  And the Augusta Food Bank also does special bags for the kids in a family for months that have vacations.   Augusta and Manchester residents and businesses, the Augusta Food  Bank needs your help!

Here is my early January 2014 interview with Abbie Perry, the Executive Director of the Augusta Food Bank.