Waterville Mayor Karen Heck is asking the community to come out for a cash mob to boost donations to the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter at 10 this morning. Typically, a cash mob show up to support a local business but for this Mayor Heck said wants to see the same sort of idea but to support the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter and those who are living there.
Heck plans to be at the shelter at 10, but  if you can’t make it at that time, you can drop in throughout the day or on the organization’s website at www.shelterme.org. But is not just money….they are accepting donations of healthy foods (no cookies or sweets, please) or household items. Heck’s goal is eliminate a $6,000 funding gap that will allow the shelter to fix a broken elevator. The shelter currently houses 20 children and 40 adult. I totally love this idea, why to go Mayor Heck!