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The Ultimate College Dorm Check List For Freshmen From A Senior
My freshman year took place at the University of Southern Maine in the dorms. The year went very smoothly for the sole reason I am an organization freak and made sure I had every single thing I needed - right down to the Q-Tip.
So, I figured as a senior and also someone who has lived on very little w…
Kids Write The Darnedest Things
Every child at some point in their life will say something that leaves you wishing you had caught it on tape.  The moment is gone...forever.  But, we've all come across something that our young pip squeaks have written.  Whether it is the spelling or just the overall general message, it causes quite…
ChapStick Banned From School
An 11 year old girl from Stuarts Draft elementary School in Virginia was not allowed to use ChapStick when her lips became chapped. In fact, none of the students in the school are allowed to use ChapStick, it is deemed ‘inappropriate’.
Stop Bullying. Seriously. Just Stop
With school starting to get under way, I wanted to take a moment and remind everybody to talk to your kids about bullying.  I know what it feels like to be bullied and I would hate for anyone else to feel this way.
Warning. Math Lesson Ahead
It never ceases to amaze me when I'm paying for something and the cashier can't seem to figure out how to give me change back.  If you are 13 years old or older, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to count back change.
Girl Suspended From School For Saying Bless You
A 17 year old school girl from Dyer County High School in Tennessee said ‘bless you’ when a fellow student sneezed and she got suspended. Kendra Turner said she didn’t think it was big deal to say the words when someone sneezed but she ended up in the principal&…
Swedish School Considers Banning Homework
Summer vacation means no more school but even more appealing to kids, no more homework. The small town of Hallstahammars, Sweden is considering banning homework completely.  Leena Millberg, the head of schools in the town says government officials are investigating the proposal.

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