Portland's WCSH channel 6 and DIRECTV are negotiating a new agreement for the rights to carry the station on DIRECTV. If no deal is reached by the end of today, DIRECTV subscribers might not have access to WCSH starting at 12 a.m. on December 4, 2015.
Maine Gas Prices Edge Higher This Week
Gas prices in Maine went up about one-half of one cent this week, for a statewide average of $2.19 per gallon. That's according to the price-monitoring website Maine's slightly higher gas prices went against the rest of the country.
The Lineup of Holiday Shopping Days
So ‘Black Friday’ is coming up the day after Thanksgiving. That is followed by ‘Small Business Saturday’, a chance to shop at the small, local businesses in your community. Monday is ‘Cyber Monday’, a day to do your shopping online.

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