Maine Gas Prices Up This Week; National Gas Prices Down
It could be a sign that gas prices are peaking right now, as gas prices nationally dipped almost two cents a gallon for an average of $2.79 per gallon. However, in Maine, gas prices were up almost two cents a gallon this past week for a statewide average of $2.81.
Maine Gas Prices Spike Higher
The experts keep tell us that gas prices have peaked and to expect them to drop, well we are still waiting! Another week of higher gas prices both in Maine and across the country. This week saw gas prices spike up another four cents per gallon in Maine, for a statewide average of $2.78.
Egg Prices Going Up
You might have noticed signs at your local supermarket explaining why egg prices are higher. In fact, egg prices at some supermarkets have tripled in the past few weeks. Why are the prices going up so much?
Maine Gas Prices Inch Higher Again This Week
It's hard to believe that gas prices were down to $2 a gallon earlier in 2015, this week gas prices in Maine are averaging $2.74 per gallon. That is two cents per gallon higher than last week, according to
Gas Prices Are Expected To Drop During The Summer
Gas prices are steadily risen all year, we started the year with an average statewide price of $2.35 per gallon, this week the average gas price in Maine is at $2.70 per gallon. Nationwide the increase has been even greater. In January the average price at $2.19 per gallon and are now at $2.74 per g…
Canadian Donut Shop Makes $100 Donuts
Dolicious Donuts in Canada has made the ‘Donutopia’, a donut with a price tag of $100. This is not your ordinary donut, in fact, it takes 5 hours to make one so they need a 48 hour notice if you want one.
Nixie, The Drone That Takes Selfies
So, you like to take selfies, of course you do, in fact, you ‘love’ taking selfies. Students at UC Berkley have made it easier to photograph you, with ‘Nixie’ the drone.
Maine Gas Prices Up Sharply Again This Week
Gas prices sure seem to go up faster than they come down, case in point, gas prices in Maine went up another eight cents per gallon this past week. That's according to the price-monitoring website

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