Happy Festivus Day! The Holiday For The Rest Of Us!
A metal pole...airing out of grievances and the feats of strength competition...sounds like the perfect holiday tradition...or any night in the Dyer household.  But nonetheless, Festivus has become a tradition among many 'Seinfeld' fans.  Today is National Festivus Day.  Lea…
Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
I will be on vacation the week after Christmas into the New year. I just want to take tis time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (hope Santa finds your house) and a Happy New Year (hope Jim Beam finds your house).
The best of luck in 2017, I hope the New Year will be YOUR year...
Is It Time For Some Star Wars Food? Yep!
It's the Holidays...  People are cooking like crazy!  And...  It's December...  We have a new Star Wars movie!  It should not really be a surprise that some people are merging those two things together.  Check it out!

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