Perfect Examples Of When It’s OK To Laugh At Others
Everyone can use a good laugh once in awhile!  Even if it's at the expense of someone else.  C'mon be a good sport!  I randomly bumped into these gems yesterday and felt them worthy of sharing.  I's OK to laugh.  I did...until there were tears run…
truTV’s & Maine Native Ben Roy Joins The Morning Buzz
Actor, comedian, Maine native, Ben Roy joined us on the Morning Buzz today.  He is the star of truTV's 'Those Who Can't' that is currently in its second season.  Ben, along with his co-stars, will be performing Friday night at the Waterville Opera House.  It's…
Rules to Help You Survive a Halloween Horror Movie
Now that Halloween is here there will be plenty of horror movies, and from those movies, we can learn a lesson in how not to die in a horror film. The rules can apply anytime of the year for any type of scary movie. Follow these simple rules and you’ll stay alive.

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