Best of the Best Face Plants
When someone is trying a stunt and they ‘face plant’, it’s funny…to us. Some of these ‘face plants’ really hurt, but for our amusement here are some of the best the best.
Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time
I was watching a game show the other day, ‘Family Feud’ I think, and I had to laugh and groan at the same time because of the answers. Dumb answers that made no sense with the question asked.
Laughing Out Lymphoma With Krazy Jake – May 29th
Everyone, whether it's them or someone close to them, is affected by cancer.  The financial toll it can take on a family makes it difficult for the patient to focus on healing.  Tim Connor, from Augusta, is going through this right now for the second time with Lymphoma.  His family and friends, alon…
Rappin’ Granny, Ellen Albertini Dow, Died At 101 [VIDEO]
Ellen Albertini Dow, best known as the rapping granny in Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer, has passed away.  Ellen was 101!  She also made some appearances in The Golden Girls, Family Matters, Moonlighting, The Twilight Zone & Mr. Belevedere, but her most memorable…
WCLT Is Revitalizing Waterville’s Neighborhoods
Waterville Community Land Trust is an exciting new organization that is working to rebuild communities one home at a time. Their hope is to accomplish the goal by combating neighborhood deterioration, promoting neighborhood preservation and improvement, through the responsible use and management of …
GAHS – You Can’t Take It With You [VIDEO]
We had Kylee, Amy and Robbie from the GAHS Drama Club on the Morning Buzz today.  They were talking about their upcoming performance of "You Can't Take It With You".  The show starts today with a matinee at 3pm.  The remainder of the performances are will be Thu…

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