Reese’s Christmas Candy Bar Looks Like a Turd
Reese’s candy has come out with a special candy bar for Christmas; it’s the Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree. Well, social media is going crazy over this, not because it tastes so good but because of what it looks like.
Pooping Unicorn Changing The Way You…Poo [VIDEO]
This is probably the  most pleasurably disturbing advertisement I have ever seen.  The Squatty Potty (as seen on Shark Tank) teaches us the importance of being in a squatting position for effortless pooping.  This unicorn who defecates rainbow sherbert just brings a whole new side to …
Dad Spitting Out Binky Has Baby In Stitches [VIDEO]
Suffering from the Monday bla's?  There is nothing like the infectious laughter of a baby to really boost your spirits.  I don't care who you are...a laughing baby is the cure all.  At the moment, there is nothing funnier to the little one than dad spitting out a binky. …
Best of the Best Face Plants
When someone is trying a stunt and they ‘face plant’, it’s funny…to us. Some of these ‘face plants’ really hurt, but for our amusement here are some of the best the best.
Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time
I was watching a game show the other day, ‘Family Feud’ I think, and I had to laugh and groan at the same time because of the answers. Dumb answers that made no sense with the question asked.
Laughing Out Lymphoma With Krazy Jake – May 29th
Everyone, whether it's them or someone close to them, is affected by cancer.  The financial toll it can take on a family makes it difficult for the patient to focus on healing.  Tim Connor, from Augusta, is going through this right now for the second time with Lymphoma.  His family and friends, alon…

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