Batgirl and Mr. Incredible Brawl
A fight broke out on Hollywood Boulevard between Batgirl and Mr. Incredible. Sounds like the opening of a comic book but it happened in real life. It was a turf war between a woman dressed as Batgirl and a man dressed as Mr. Incredible.
According to Spider-Man, the fight started when Mr. Inc...
Actor James Garner Dies [VIDEO]
One of my favorite actors is dead. I developed a crush on James Garner when he starred in the TV show 'Rockford Files.' First it was his smile, and then it was his acting.
I Scream for Ice cream
Summertime in Maine means a lot of things and it seems like one the favorites is going to get ice cream. As kids we remember getting in the car and heading out to get that special treat with the whole family. Still today, kids love to get ice cream. It seems one of the only times you can get the who…
Powerpuff Girls to Return in 2016
The Powerpuff Girls which began in 1998 and ran for 78 episodes is coming back to back to T.V. in 2016. The Cartoon Network will relaunch the three little crime fighting heroines that once grossed $2.5 billion in retail sales.

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