Have You Ever Held A…Wild…PIGEON?
Never in my life would I have imagined this happening.  It kind of took us by surprise.  Walking around Liberty Park in NYC, We stopped to have a snack.  Nature Valley Oats N Honey granola bars were on the menu.  We started eating them...and then this happened.
Chinese Paper Lanterns Are ILLEGAL In Maine
The Office of the Maine State Fire Marshall is reminding the public that sky lanterns are illegal in the State of Maine.  With wedding season in full swing you might want to take this law into consideration before you release these lil fire starters.  According to the office:
Maine Law Enforcement Ramps Bike Safety
Starting today, law enforcement will crack down on people who don’t obey laws meant to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Nearly 500 people are stuck annually in the state, and the number of fatalities has doubled since 2012. With tourist season in full swing, the timing of …
Did You Feel The Earthquake in Swanville
This morning there was a rumble. Did you feel it? Maine isn't a hotbed of seismic activity, but we do get a minor earthquake once in a while. A few years ago, I felt one while in the Gorham area, and it was...weird. Earthquakes aren't like weather we anticipate. So, you're making dinner, and out of …
Save Those Nips – You’ll Get Money Back
Maine House overrides LePage veto of bill to add nip liquor bottles to redemption program 114-31. Now to the Senate. #mepolitics
— Chris Cousins (@Storytiller) June 6, 2017
Next time you're cleaning up the weekend's empties, or organizing a bottle drive, you'll have more to gather…
S–T Happens! A Dyer Rant About The New Amish Community
I need to say first and foremost...I welcome anyone who wants to come to Maine.  Anyone should have the opportunity to explore their horizon, raise their family where they wish.  If you live in the Windsor, Whitefield, Jefferson area...you have seen that there is a new small community of A…
Celebrate National Love A Tree Day With These Easy Steps
Today is the day to release your inner ‘Tree Hugger’ and love a tree!  Whether it be a special tree that you watched grow since you were a child or it’s just any random tree…love it today and everyday.  Here are some ways you can celebrate Natio…
Top 10 Reasons Sarah HATES Camping!
Memorial Day weekend is usually opening season for most campgrounds and that's coming right up.  OK, I'll admit it.  Hi, my name is Sarah...I'm from Maine (in a round a bout kinda way) and I hate camping!  That's right.  Sleeping outside is for deer, birds, sq…

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