Pictures From This Weekends Central Maine Strongman
The Augusta Armory was filled with several strong men and women as the Central Maine Strongman competition took place on Saturday. I was there for a few hours and saw a couple of the competitions. There was an overhead log press and something I'm calling the keg run.
Drive-In Movie Theaters In Maine: A Brief History
Technology equals progress but sometimes the old way of doing things is better. For example, drive-in movie theaters, they certainly aren't high tech but they were fun! I have fond childhood memories of quality family time at the Auburn Drive-In in Auburn, Maine.
The Maple Syrup Taste Test [VIDEO]
Maine Maple Sunday is this Sunday and we thought it would be fun to have a taste test! Any excuse to eat! We have toasted frozen waffles with butter, plate A is topped with a store brand 'Syrup' and plate B is topped with Real Maple Syrup. Let's see what our test testers thought.

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