Drive-In Movie Theaters In Maine: A Brief History
Technology equals progress but sometimes the old way of doing things is better. For example, drive-in movie theaters, they certainly aren't high tech but they were fun! I have fond childhood memories of quality family time at the Auburn Drive-In in Auburn, Maine.
The Maple Syrup Taste Test [VIDEO]
Maine Maple Sunday is this Sunday and we thought it would be fun to have a taste test! Any excuse to eat! We have toasted frozen waffles with butter, plate A is topped with a store brand 'Syrup' and plate B is topped with Real Maple Syrup. Let's see what our test testers thought.
Maine Maple Sunday Guide
Maine Maple Sunday is on March 27, 2016. It's a great time for families to visit a local sugarhouse and sample some fresh Maine Maple Syrup! Here's a guide of participating locations for Maine Maple Sunday. Since Maine Maple Sunday is on Easter Day this year, a few of the locations are hol…
Free Ice Cream Today At Dairy Queen
Alright, who loves ice cream? Who loves free stuff? That's what is happening today at Dairy Queen today, March 15th. They are giving away free ice cream cones all day today at participating locations.

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