Sarah’s Kids Are Rubix Cube Masters
My kids aren't your typical video gamer type children.  They like to be busy.  So, a few weeks ago, they taught themselves how to solve the Rubix Cube.  They now race each other.  They have solved it using only one hand.  They even solved it using their FEET!  I think I'm supposed to be proud.  LOL.…
You Can’t Change Chizzle Wizzle! Is This Really Happening?
As a former Cony Ram (class of 1997), I was shocked to hear this 'rumor'.  I say 'rumor' because it hasn't been confirmed by the Chizzle Wizzle music director, Mr. Whitaker.  But, my source, I feel is pretty reliable.   But for now...we'll just call it a 'rumor'.  Chizzle Wizzle is a fabulous show o…
Sarah Wants To Know – Is This Punishment For A Kid Too Harsh?
Parenting is the hardest thing to do.  Especially multiple kids.  If you're not questions your skills on a daily basis, then you are doing it wrong.  This week, I came across a situation with one of my kids that has left my heart broken and feeling absolutely terrible.  I want to revoke the punishme…
Sarah’s Sister-In-Law Lovingly Video-Bombs Her Husband
The bond between a husband and wife runs deep.  My brother, Joe, loves to play the guitar.  He taught himself how to play.  One night, he decided to tape himself, in order to critique his performance later.  When he went back and watched the footage...he spotted these loving gest…
Maine Girl Gets BIG Surprise As Dad Returns Home
// I love stories like this!!  Especially, when it happens so close to home.  That was the case, recently, in Lisbon at Open Door Christian Academy.  10-year old, Malley was asked to open the classroom door.  She casually did, not expecting who was behind.
Sarah’s Hubby Is A Big Kid In His Chewbacca Mask
The infamous mask, made popular by the silly 'Chewbacca Mom', has become the must have toy for Star Wars fans.  The mask makes the funny roar associated with Chewbacca from Star Wars.  My husband HAD to have one.  So, I found one for him and got for his birthday.

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