How Do You Prepare For Twins? Sarah Needs Suggestions!
No, I'm not pregnant with twins!  But, I'm so excited for my brother & sister-in-law who are expecting their first babies!  As my Chloe would say 'they are having a litter'.  I'm not even the one pregnant, and yet, I find myself so nervous for them. &n…
Lice Found In Augusta Schools – Prevention Is Key
I was thrilled to open my daughter's backpack yesterday and find the infamous 'Pink Slip' informing all parents that lice has been detected in their child's classroom.  Fun fun fun!  Note my sarcasm.  But, you can avoid a lot of worry and grief if you work on preve…
Leave Barron Trump ALONE
I don't care what your political views are.  There is ZERO reason to comment, post, share, laugh at, mock anything pertaining to 10 year old, Barron Trump.  The definition of bullying is as follows:
Should Daycare Providers Get Paid Vacations?
This is one of the most debatable questions...should you have to pay your childcare when they take a vacation?  Both sides of this might have a valuable argument...but for me, I don't think parents should have to pay.  Here's why...
In the last week, the Red Cross has reached a severe shortage of blood donations in the state of Maine!!  They are reaching out to the public...if you can donate...please do!
Chloe Explains Hussey School’s Rules – #5 Is Brilliant!!
Hussey School is clearly working hard on instilling proper manners.  It's working!  My daughter, Chloe, was reciting the rules this I've heard her do this before...but always thought #5 was one that she added.  Maybe her teacher squeaked it in there.  But,…
Divorce = FREE TOOLS FOR YOU On Craigslist
Awww, looks like another relationship bites the dust.  But,  you can benefit from it.  Looks like 'Tucker' is looking to liquidate some tools...for FREE!  Major score for someone looking for such items!  Bummer for the dude that has to give them away.
BEWARE: Dresser Falls On Twins – Is Your Home Safe?
It's scary being a parent.  When you bring a baby home, things that you never thought as dangerous quickly becomes a hazard.  I've seen a lot of people announcing that they are expecting a baby.  (There must be something in the water...and I'm not gonna drink it) Congra…

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