Do You Agree With Portland’s Solution For Panhandlers?
According to WGME, Portland is trying to come up with a solution to the over abundance of panhandlers around the city.  Which, I have observed over the years getting worse and worse.  Augusta, in my opinion, is having a similar problem.  But, whether or not I agree with this temporary…
Forking & Mastication With McCoy & Dyer: Oreo Peeps
I hate hate hate Peeps.  So, when the opportunity came up where we could try Oreo Peeps, I quickly shut it down.  But, I lost that war.  However, they were not as bad as I thought they would be.  These Oreos are rumored to make your tongue very PINK...we busted that rumor.  And also there is some sp…
Bee Lunch Break Winners – March 2, 2017
Congratulations to Maine Academy of Natural Sciences in Hinckley!  They are our Bee Lunch Break winners.  They won pizzas and sodas from Al’s Pizza in Skowhegan.  If you would like to have McCoy & Dyer deliver lunch to your workplace fo…
Windham Man Sees Jesus in Toast
A man in Windham says he sees Jesus in his buttered toast. George Maley says you can see the  face of Jesus in the buttered toast.   His son, Andrew, agrees.  What do you think?
Maple Syrup Spill in Vermont
The Maple Syrup industry in Maine brings in more than $27 million to the Maine economy; in fact it brings a lot of money to the Northeast, including Vermont.
McCoy Tries Sarah’s Facebook Recipes
I have seen some of the simplest recipes circulating around Facebook.  So easy, that I decided to make a couple for my family to eat during the Super Bowl game.  Both recipes were split 50/50 among my kids, so I was curious what McCoy's opinion would be...

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