No Good Deed Goes…Unrefreezed
It's inevitable. The longer you're with someone, the more you'll finish each other's sentences, adopt each other's mannerisms, and other forms of your own little world. Recently, mine came in the form of an all caps text.
Things To Celebrate In May!
Of course, there's the obvious days like: May 4th (Star Wars), Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) & Mother's Day (May 14th).  There are a lot of other recognition and observances happening in the month of May.  Some that might have special meaning to you and some that are just plain…
How To Cook Air. You Need This In Your Life
Looking for something easy for dinner tonight.  Who wants to cook on a Friday?  No me.  But this...this is what's for dinner tonight.  It will be worth the effort.  I can, totally, afford that cheesecake for dessert now.
Bee Lunch Break Winners – April 13, 2017
Congratulations to HP Fairfield in Skowhegan!  They are our Bee Lunch Break winners.  They won pizzas and sodas from Al’s Pizza in Skowhegan.  If you would like to have McCoy & Dyer deliver lunch to your workplace for up to 10 people, e…

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