Rules to Help You Survive a Halloween Horror Movie
Now that Halloween is here there will be plenty of horror movies, and from those movies, we can learn a lesson in how not to die in a horror film. The rules can apply anytime of the year for any type of scary movie. Follow these simple rules and you’ll stay alive.
Sarah’s Favorite Halloween Songs [VIDEO]
I'm the first to admit, I will play kids music in the car...alone.  Don't judge me.  But, because I have 6 kids, I am rarely 'alone' and therefore have an excuse to play crazy silly Halloween music.  These songs help me get excited and into the spirit.  Here a…
Maine’s Haunted Hotel
Have you heard of the story of The Carriage House Inn of Searsport, Maine? It was built in 1874 by Captain John McGilvery, prior to becoming an Inn, it was an army garrison and it was a longtime retreat for painter Waldo Peirce.
Dollar Store Discoveries: Halloween Edition
We are just a few weeks from Halloween and we thought it was a perfect time to see what we could find at the local dollar store. We had a budget of $5, so we chose our 4 favorite things (don't forget the taxes.)
Destination Maine: Fright Night At The Fort
Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine is known as one of Maine's most haunted places. East Coast Ghost Trackers have been at Fort Knox in Maine to do some ghost hunting. If you are looking for a different way to get spooked for Halloween, try Fright Night at the Fort.
The Scary Clowns Make Their Way To Maine
It seems, lately, clowns are popping up all over the country.  Creepy clowns.  All clowns are creepy, but these one are extra creepy.  Just when you think Maine is immune from such nonsense, clown sightings are reported in Orono.  It's worse than a zombie apocalypse.
Little Known Halloween Facts
Halloween is coming up fast and here are some interesting things about the day you may not know. The mask for the 1978 movie Halloween was a William Shatner Star Trek mask; it was used because the budget for the movie was tight so they got the cheapest mask they could find.
This Inn In Lewiston Will Creep You Out
If you're looking for a creepy romantic (okay, more creepy than romantic) place to stay on an autumn getaway, there's probably no better place in Maine than at the Inn At The Agora in Lewiston.

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