Video Update From Sarah On Her Progress And Return [VIDEO ]
This week makes it 3 weeks since I underwent 10 1/2 hours to have a posterior fossa decompression and a craniocervical fusion.   Big words equals big surgery.  In layman's terms, basically. ..I was losing my mind and getting my head screwed on straight.   Yea, I know.  It&ap…
Conquer Chiari Walk Across America Is Coming To Central Maine
I'm truly amazed at the amount of people who have contacted me since I started sharing my journey with Chiari Malformation.  So, since I am out of work, I have decided to take this opportunity to organize the national Conquer Chiari Walk Acros America and bring it to Central Maine.
Happy 2 Week Zipperversary Sarah!
I can't believe two weeks ago I was in the OR getting unzipped!  Time flies!  I have nothing to compare it to, but I think for someone who just had brain surgery and her neck fused....I think I'm doing pretty darn fantastic!!  Pain is minimal and the worst part is that I&apo…
Today Connor Conquers Chiari
It's amazing how you've never heard of a disease, like Chiari Malformation,  and then suddenly two members of our community are battling it.  Kind of like buying a've never seen one then it appears everyone has one.  As I write this, I can't believe it was 12 days ago that I underwent a 1…
Comedy Night With Krazy Jake To Benefit Connor’s Fight With Chiari
I'm sure you've seen me use the term 'chiari' during the past year.  If not, let me briefly tell you about it.  Chiari Malformation (pronounced: Key R ee) layman's when your brain falls below your skull into your spinal column.  To say it hurts is an understatement.  I've birthed 4 …
A Closer Look Into Sarah’s Head
A lot of people have taken their time to research Chiari Malformation.  I wanted to share my MRI image that shows some of what I'm is dealing with.  This is only one picture and a very small part of the story.  But it shows you that my headaches are legit.
Yay Or Nay: Cannabis Tampons [VIDEO]
Say buh-bye to menstrual cramps ladies!  Foria Relief, only available in Colorado and California, wants to turn painful periods into 'Chill' periods by using marijuana.  Hey, if this works, I'm willing to try anything once.

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