Andy Capwell’s New Smile!
It all began last summer: the moment I received the opportunity to take care of my oral health.
I met with Dr. Randall Cutri at Capitol Dental Care on State Street in Augusta. He guided me with a plan on rectifying the problems with my teeth.
In short, the plan was to get all of my teeth extracted and…
Up Your Nose With a Rubber…Dart
Steve Easton of Surrey, England thought he suffered most of his life from hay fever. He would often get a case of the sniffles or headaches since he was young child. Turns out, a hard sneeze cleared-up the problem.
Do You Support A Death-With-Dignity Bill In Maine? [POLL]
Senator Roger Katz, along with 9 co-sponsors, are introducing a Death-With-Dignity Act in Maine.  The bill number is LD 1270 (SP 452) and is titled "An Act Regarding Patient Directed Care At The End Of Life".  This potentially would allow terminally ill residents the free…
Are Your Reusable Bags Making You Sick? [VIDEO]
Reusable bags have become quite the discussion lately.  Since Portland decided to charge 5 cents for plastic bags, there has been quite the debate on whether or not this is OK.  Everybody has an opinion and for me, I absolutely agree with this.  Plastic bags are not necessary.  B…

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