Nearsightedness a Growing Problem
A professor of vision and optometry at the University of California-Berkley is worried the country in experiencing a nearsightedness epidemic. Christine Wildsoet believes technology, especially on ‘children’s eyesight’, may be the cause.
Fat Thighs And Movie Seats…
You already know your fat.  You think about it every minute of everyday.  Your jeans remind you.  People remind you.  But, when you go to the movies where there are seats with arm rests and your thighs stretch out to both sides and you have to squeeze in to sit...yea you're …
Update On Andy Capwell’s Dental Work
It was just over a month ago when I started my road to better dental health. It was on October 14, 2014, when I was going to get my teeth extracted with Dr. Winne at Facial & Oral Surgery in Augusta.
Day 4 of 7. Powerful Update
Another pound lost.  6 total for this phase.  26 since I've started in September.  This is great...right?  I should be happy...right?  This is what I've wanted.  I still want this.  Every diet has it's ups and downs.
Minister of Yoga Appointed in India
India is beginning to promote alternative therapies and home-grown health treatments for the people of their country. Health remedies and exercise are also being suggested that includes yoga. To that point they have appointed a Minister of Yoga.
What Would You Do If You Knew You Were Dying Tomorrow?
Brittany Maynard has recently shared her story about suffering from terminal brain cancer.  After being diagnosed on January 1, 2014, she was informed she only had less than a year to survive.  Worried about the pain and suffering she would endure in her final months, she moved to a state …

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