Sarah Thinks Smoking Should Be Banned From Fairs
Yes, I think all fairgrounds should BAN smoking.  We all know the health hazards associated with second hand cigarette smoke.  So, I will spare the lecture.  Being in the path of a burning cigarette is disgusting.  But, here's what I've observed at local state fairs.
New Portland Restaurant Won Me At Adult Milkshake!
New burger restaurant coming to Portland will specializes in amazing burger and adult milkshakes!  The BRGR Bar is currently open in Portsmouth, NH and will be opening soon in Portland.  But they don't serve your traditional burgers and milkshakes.  Check out some of their culina…
Sarah Celebrates Her 1 Year Zipperversary
Almost 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with a disease that (at the time) I didn't realize would change my entire life.  Chiari Malformation is a debilitating condition that has no cure...only temporary solutions.  A year ago, I underwent 10 1/2 hours of surgery to help limit the symptoms…
USM Student Athlete Needs a Marrow Donation Match
Ally Little, a sophomore University of Southern Maine soccer player, found out in December that she has a rare and life-threatening disease. A bone marrow transplant is the cure. However, so far she yet to find a matching donor...
How Do You Prepare For Twins? Sarah Needs Suggestions!
No, I'm not pregnant with twins!  But, I'm so excited for my brother & sister-in-law who are expecting their first babies!  As my Chloe would say 'they are having a litter'.  I'm not even the one pregnant, and yet, I find myself so nervous for them. &n…
Lice Found In Augusta Schools – Prevention Is Key
I was thrilled to open my daughter's backpack yesterday and find the infamous 'Pink Slip' informing all parents that lice has been detected in their child's classroom.  Fun fun fun!  Note my sarcasm.  But, you can avoid a lot of worry and grief if you work on preve…
In the last week, the Red Cross has reached a severe shortage of blood donations in the state of Maine!!  They are reaching out to the public...if you can donate...please do!

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