Le Festval de la Bastille
Coming this Friday and Saturday, July 11-12 is the Le Festival de la Bastille at the Calumet Club in Augusta. Live music, fun and fireworks are on the agenda for the two days, but why do the French celebrate Bastille Day?  calumetclub.com
Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison
Johnny Cash’s live album ‘Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison’ is in the top five albums ever release countdown, but it was also a comeback album for Cash. The record was released in 1968 when Johnny’s career was taking a downturn because of drugs …
Signing of the Declaration of Independence
The 4th of July is the day the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England that is why it’s known as Independence Day. The conflict between the colonies and England was already a year old when they convened a Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
Life in the 1500’s
Life is very different these days than they were in the 1500's for sure but those were the times when many of the phrases and traditions we use today came from. He are some examples of what I mean.
Self Service Gas Stations Turn 50 Years Old
What we know today as the ‘convenience store’, a store where you pump your own gas and get snacks, turns 50 years old. It all started in 1964 by John Roscoe in Westminster, Colorado. Roscoe sold milk, bread and soda in his chain of Big Top stores but gas was sold at full servic…
Little League Baseball Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Seems it is every little boys dream is to become a professional baseball player and that dream often starts in Little League. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Little League baseball, started by Carl Stotz in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Female Hurricanes vs Male Hurricanes
There has been a study showing that, historically, hurricanes that have female names have killed more people than hurricanes with male names. Looking at death rates from 1950 to 2012, of the 47 most damaging hurricanes, female named storms have averaged 45 deaths while male named storms have average…
The First Kiss More Memorable Than First Sex
According to psychologists a first kiss is more memorable than the first sexual encounter. Up to 90% of people can remember their first romantic kiss because the lips are sensitive. It also activates feelings of closeness and arouses the brains love chemicals.

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