Sarah’s Newborn Twin Nieces Beautiful Photo Session
Newborns are hard to photograph!!  This is a lesson I learned over the weekend.  I helped my sister-in-law take my new twincessess to have their newborn pictures done.  We went to Maine Photography Studio, in Lewiston, where we met Brenda Giasson...who's a SAINT!
SPAM (the actual product, not your can) Turns 80
This is one you're either really excited about, or your gag reflex kicked in upon reading the headline. 80 years ago, the land of Spam began. Think company-sponsored competition doesn't work? Pfffft. The name Spam came from Ken Daigneau, who picked up the cool $100 bill Hormel put on …
Maine In One Photo
It's the time of year where we earn our tag "Vacationland." People flock here to indulge in lobster, hike many of our trails, and bask in the sunshine on the rocky coast. Over the last few weeks, I've seen the hash #iliveinapostcard more than once. Yet, is the above what …
This Week’s Edition Of Missed Connections – July 2, 2017
I've posted several listings in the past about a pretty girl at a Manchester pharmacy.  I'm assuming Rite Aid.  Pretty girl...lots of guys interested...poor thing probably needs security guards.  Well, it appears she is no longer at that place of employment and her fans are …
Titles Arriving On Netflix This Weekend
The 4th Of July forecast is a little iffy in places. So, if you find yourself with a few indoor hours, Netflix has a list of items which are headed to the streaming service this long weekend. Here are some of the highlights:
Gardiner’s Top 10 Restaurants According To Yelp
The revitalization of Gardiner has a lot to do with the beautiful waterfront area and a host of great new businesses that have opened downtown. It has turned this little city into one of the coolest towns in Central Maine, in my opinion...

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