After “Lobstah,” What’s Next?
It's the time of year when the roads are clogged with out of state visitors. Many of us have entertained friends and family, and there's always the inevitable first question: As a prepared Mainer, you have a token answer for them, and take them out for a good time. Thing is, they're around for more …
The Nutritional Cost Of Fair Food
It's Fair Season!!  Nothing beats fair food.  There's always sure to be something new there.  Whether it's french fries you seek or a dough boy or fried pickles, it comes with more than a monetary cost to you.  These foods wreak havoc on your body and certainly lea…
PSA: Bangor Panhandling SCAM!!
According to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter's Facebook, they are warning the public about a panhandling scam.  They want you to know this is NOT how they conduct business and not to give money to panhandlers.  There's other ways you can help.
Andy Looks Back On The 25th Anniversary Of His First Air Shift
It's 10:42pm on a Saturday in August of 1992. I'm laying on the couch, and practicing the same words over and over. Endlessly rehearsing with different inflections, I still couldn't get it right. Being a nervous and introverted seventeen year old, you might think I was working up…
Nightmares? You Could Be Sleeping Too Much
Have you started the day with your mind racing from a nightmare? You're not alone. I find that most of mine happen right before I wake up in the morning. Guess what? We may be sleeping too much.
According to the study in Social Psychiatry And Psychiatric Epidemiology, those s…
Confederate Railroad Talks With Andy [INTERVIEW]
The 3rd Annual Boots 'N Bulls rodeo and country concert is this September 23. This year, the show stars Confederate Railroad. Danny Shirley recently checked in with Andy Austin to talk about Maine, Luke Bryan's fandom, being Johnny Paycheck's band, and other things.

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