Morning Buzz

Bank Robber On The Loose In Central Maine
There was a robbery at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, in China, yesterday.  According to the Maine State Police, it happened around 2:30pm.  The robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money.  If these pictures look familiar to you, please call: 624-7076!
Large Shark Spotted Off The Coast Of Maine
I mean...yea...a shark belongs in the ocean.  So why would it seem out of the ordinary to see one directly off the coast of Maine?  U.S Coast Guard was returning from a search and rescue mission, today, and when they spotted this massive creature.
Video Of Sarah’s Son – At Basic – Doing Sit-Up Drills
Behold the power of the internet.  This is so neat, really.  Fort Sill has Facebook pages for each platoon going through basic combat training (BCT).  I check it every day...a hundred times a day...for any update.  It helps to fill those moments between phone calls and letters ho…
Simple Tips For Beating The Independence Day Heatwave
It's not's gonna be a hot day!  We've been waiting for this day since the Deep Freeze of 2K18...when we thought summer would NEVER get here.  Well, it's here.  And before you go wishing it away...STOP...consider some of these tips to help make the heat …

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