Andy Capwell’s AFC Predictions
Football season is here! Start chilling the beer, get new batteries for the remote and cheer on the home team!
It’s always fun trying to predict who will be going to the playoffs and who will win the big game. Here is my best guess.
Andy Capwell’s 2015 NFC Predictions
The 2015 football season starts Thursday! Time to make some predictions for the upcoming season. Thursday, I will have my AFC predictions, along with my shot at the playoffs.
NFC East:
1. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are loaded on offense and the defense should be improved...
‘Brady’s Back’ In This Awesome Parody [VIDEO]
This awesome parody of Eminem's song 'Without Me' is just what we need, as Patriots fans, to celebrate Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension.  Even if you don't listen to Eminem, I guarantee that as long as you are a Brady're gonna love this!

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