Maine Staycation Ideas: Crooked River Tiny House
I'll admit...the idea of these tiny houses are really peaking my interest.  So much, that hubby and I are considering building one when the kids are all grown and moved out...but I hear that never happens.  However, in the midst of our dreaming...we can book a nice Maine staycation at…
Bugs Bugs Bugs And More Bugs Return To The Maine State Museum
September 11th, bugs will flood the Maine State Museum in Augusta.  This is a fascinating exhibit that is free to attend.  Even if you suffer from some form of bug-phobia, it's worth attending.  I did, in the past, and conquered my spider fear and held a tarantula...and lived to …
Tropical Storm Could Hit Maine Next Week
According to WGME, there's a chance that Tropical Storm Florence could hit Maine next week.
Even though it has lost some steam, it is expected to re-intensify later this weekend and could reach Category 4 Hurricane status.
The storm is currently (Saturday, Sept 8th @ 10 AM) approximately 1600 mil…

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