New Music Friday: Midland
The best record from 1992 is available today.
In case you haven't paid attention to country radio the last six or seven months, rock and hip hop are no longer the only genres embracing retro. Texas's Midland owe more to Little Texas than say, Little Big Town...
Andy Goes 0 for 16 in Week 1 of Pick ‘Em
This year, we're giving you the chance at $10,000 with Pro Football Pick 'Em. Think it's too late to join in? Afraid you'll be stuck in the basement for the remainder of the season? Well, let's just say you're going to have a hard time staying in the back, as long …
Would This Sound Drive You Bat Crap Crazy At Work?
There's this drip.  A constant...drip...drip...drip...drip just outside the window next to my desk.  It...WON'T...STOP!  Listen to it...how would you resolve this issue?  Jumping off a bridge is not an option.  Nor is shoving Q-tips in my ears.
Bee Battle: Lauren Alaina Vs Chris Stapleton
Last week, Lauren decimated High Valley with a victory in the 95% range. This week, current country king Chris Stapleton relaunches the first single off "From A Room: Volume 1" titled Broken Halos. Halos took a back seat when "Either Way" was pushed to country rad…

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