Windham Man Sees Jesus in Toast
A man in Windham says he sees Jesus in his buttered toast. George Maley says you can see the  face of Jesus in the buttered toast.   His son, Andrew, agrees.  What do you think?
Sarah Wants To Know – Is This Punishment For A Kid Too Harsh?
Parenting is the hardest thing to do.  Especially multiple kids.  If you're not questions your skills on a daily basis, then you are doing it wrong.  This week, I came across a situation with one of my kids that has left my heart broken and feeling absolutely terrible.  I want to revoke the punishme…
McCoy Tries Sarah’s Facebook Recipes
I have seen some of the simplest recipes circulating around Facebook.  So easy, that I decided to make a couple for my family to eat during the Super Bowl game.  Both recipes were split 50/50 among my kids, so I was curious what McCoy's opinion would be...
Coworkers Who Take Your Stuff – Does This Happen To You?
I can honestly say that I have NEVER taken stuff from my coworkers at any of my places of employment.  I was taught by my parents a very simple rule.  DON'T TAKE WHAT ISN'T YOURS.  That's simple...right?  Or maybe I lived a sheltered life...and the act of keeping y…

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