Some Things You Should Never Buy at a Yard Sale
Heading out on the weekends to go to a yard sale is one of the big activities of the summer. One person junk is another treasure. According Chris Heiska from the Yard Sale Queen website there are some things you should never buy.
Watch McCoy Prove He’s Still Just A Big Child
My son, Brennan, recently brought in those popper thingys.  Whatever you call them.  McCoy was so excited to run outside and set them off.  But notice how he becomes a very bad influence on the poor kid, who willingly takes his suggestions.  Oy!  See what I have to deal with…
Richmond Luau Days Coming This Weekend
Coming this Friday through Sunday its Richmond Luau Days in downtown and the riverfront. Each year the town of Richmond has a different theme for Richmond days and this year it’s Luau Days.
Watch Gronk at Fenway With Paul McCartney
I don't know how or why he was called on stage at the Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park on Sunday, July 17th, but Gronk was there. Of course he was probably on stage because he's 'Gronk'. He's video of Rob Gronkowski joining Paul McCartney and Bob Weir on stage duri…

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