Portland Police Catch A Meteor On Video [VIDEO]
What an awesome, once in a lifetime, opportunity.  The Portland Police Department caught this video of a meteor passing through the night sky last night.  It's a quick clip, so watch closely...you surely can't miss it.
Here’s How You Can Celebrate National Love A Tree Day!
Today is the day to release your inner 'Tree Hugger' and love a tree!  Whether it be a special tree that you watched grow since you were a child or it's just any random tree...love it today and everyday.  Here are some ways you can celebrate National Love a Tree Day!
Togus VA to Hold VA2K For Homeless Vets
Susie Wittington who works for Togas VA was my guest host on the Morning Buzz while Sarah Dyer was on medical leave and she told me about a great event coming to Togas. It’s a VA2K for the Homeless Veteran Program.
23rd Annual Mutt Strutt In Augusta
We had the pleasure of having Erika Bush, from the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, join us on the Morning Buzz today.  Her voice might have sounded somewhat familiar.  Erika was one of our celebrity co-hosts while I was on medical leave.  Erika was in to talk about a very important fu…
Sarah Got Ducks! Now What?
Oh boy!  They sure are cute.  I'm less then 24 hours into this and I'm already thinking 'now what?'  We live in the country and got the ducks to help eat the grubs and worms we have around our yard.  They get into our pool (by the hundreds) everyday and I'm hoping the duckies will help minimize thos…
Best Secluded Beaches In Maine
I love the beach! Eventually the weather will warm up enough for beach weather in Maine. When you think beaches in Maine, Old Orchard Beach, Reid State Park and Popham Beach come to mind. However, if you are looking for that quiet beach to relax, Travel and Leisure Magazine came up with their list o…

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