What’s Going On At The Portland, Maine (PWM) Airport?
Anybody know what's going on at the Portland airport?  A friend was running...for fun...near/around PWM when she discovered these jets.  For all intents and purposes, we will refer to these as nothing more than 'jets' because I don't know the fancy schmancy military nam…
Bad Parking Job At Augusta Walmart
What the what?  I mean really.  Does one accidentally park like this?  Is this a testosterone driven parking job?  Like, look at what my car can do.  What, exactly, is the reason for parking like this?
Dog Friendly Beaches In Maine
I, personally, don't have a dog...but definitely have a dog niece and a dog nephew.  They love the outdoors...and boy do they love the water.  But where can you take them to splash around in the ocean waves?
Remember When? Let’s Rehash Spring Sports & Obnoxious Parents
Tis the season for Spring sports.  Which means, tis the season for obnoxious parents to come out of the wood works and scream expletives at innocent kids, who are just trying to play a game.  So, I am going to take this opportunity to remind those, who need it, to be kind...be encouraging,…
Do You Like White Water Rafting? This GREAT Deal Is Back!!
I took advantage of this amazing Seize the Deal last year on Father's Day for my hubby!!  It's back.  Don't miss out on this awesome price.  If you love to white water raft, or if you've never been and are curious if you'd like this.  This is the deal for…

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