Tired of Hearing About Deflate-Gate
I am so tired of hearing about ‘deflate-gate’. Why is it all season everyone was predicting the Patriots will be the team to beat in the AFC, and then when they win the AFC, everyone has to find a flaw in it? The Pats didn’t need to deflate a football to beat th…
New England Patriots Trade QB Ryan Mallett
With only one week until the regular season, the New England Patriots have traded backup quarterback Ryan Mallett to the Houston Texans. Reports say the team had also had talks with the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills.
We Interupt This Marriage For Football Season
FOOTBALL!  FOOTBALL!  FOOTBALL!!  Can you hear the excitement in my voice (insert female sarcasm here)?  Granted, Football is not my thing.  I don't understand the rules, penalties, or why it takes so gosh darn long to play.  But for some reason, football seems to …

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