Who Has The Best Fans in The NFL?
Emory University professor Mike Lewis, who rated fan bases on tangible measures of obsession, like game attendance and social media following. So who are the NFL’s top fans?
NE Patriots Rob Gronkowski Takes Ballet Lesson [VIDEO]
He could quack like a duck and still be gorgeous.  There's not question about it, ballet and football require a lot of precision and fine movement.  So, to help up his game, Gronk took private lessons at the Miami City Ballet company with principal soloist, Nathalia.  He's s…
Kevin Faulk’s Most Awesome Draft Day Announcement [VIDEO]
The NFL Draft is going on this weekend in Chicago. The New England Patriots didn't have a first round draft pick due to that idiotic 'deflategate' debacle. It was almost worth going through the entire deflategate saga when former New England Patriots great Kevin Faulk came out on stag…
Edelman & Amendola Are On COPS [VIDEO]
Best episode of COPS that I have ever seen.  Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, both New England Patriots receivers, perform a COPS parody.  That's right, this isn't real.  But who's Edelman and Amendola.  #Yummy
Tom Brady’s Call for Receivers-Ron Burgundy Style
It looks like Tom Brady has had enough of vacation on the beach with Gisele (really?) and is ready to get back to work. Check out his Ron Burgundy-esqe RECEIVERS ASSEMBLE Facebook post.
New England Patriots RECEIVERS… ASSEMBLE...

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