Mummy Cat For Sale In Central Maine
I don't know what to quite make of this ad.  I'm really thinking it's an 'April Fools' prank.  I guess I need to see it, in person, to believe it.  But, if you aren't a 'seeing is believing' kind of person...and want to spend $650 on a dead cat.…
I’m Not Child Friendly
I am not child friendly or child proof. I used to be but as time has marched on I find I avoid children like the plague. Oddly enough children seem to be drawn to me.
Online Shopping Fails
I have bought everything from amazon from books to clothes to household needs, art supplies and musical instruments, as well as fitness equipment with great success. Its taken me a while to realize that not all online shopping sites are created equal though. I've had the WISH app on my phone a…

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