Sarah’s Daily Dyer-Ry

Sarah’s ‘What I Want’ Christmas List
C'mon, all I hear from the kids this time of year is 'I want I want I want'.  Greedy lil humans.  What about what I want for Christmas.  They never ask me.  So, I'm going to put it out there anyway.  Maybe Santa will get this memo.  I know I've …
Sarah Will Be Away From The Morning Buzz For 2 Months
I wish I could say I was going on an elaborate vacation, but that's not the case.  That is right, I will be away from Townsquare Media and B98.5 starting October 23rd and will return as co-host of the Morning Buzz on December 26th (already regretting returning the day AFTER Christmas...who…
Weird Family Traditions – Do You Have Any?
C'mon...think about.  I'm sure there is something quirky your family does that separates yours from everyone else.  Taco Tuesday?  Open a present on Christmas Eve?  Weird celebrations?  Yesterday, my family had a BIG celebration and I think people at the party stor…
Is The POTUS Trying To Reach Sarah?
I'm clearly on someone's radar!  Uh oh?  What have I done?  Obviously, this has to be SPAM.  But it's still comical, nonetheless.  But, an email at work?  And a phone call to my personal cell?
Local Big Box Store Wants HOW MUCH For Hatchimals??
Oy!  I don't know about you, but our hatchimal is already collecting dust, forgotten and the child that wanted it is already working on her Christmas the way, it's exactly 5 months away.  But recently, I found some on the shelf at Kmart in Augusta.  I was stunned t…
Is Sarah Packing Too Much For Her Upcoming Trip?
Maybe I'm jumping the gun by saying it's only difficult for women.  I'm sure the majority are women.  I am packing for my upcoming trip to New York this week.  I will be gone for 5 days.  Seems like this shouldn't be so difficult to pack for...right?

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