Meteorite Pulled From Bottom of Russian Lake
More than 1,000 people were injured in Central Russia when a meteorite slammed into Lake Chebarkul in February. A 10,000 ton rock burned up over Central Russia breaking windows and shaking building and now scientists have recovered what was left of the rock from the bottom of the lake.
The Flying Car Expected by 2015
The flying car always seemed like a thing of the future. By 2015, the future could be here.  A company called Terragugia is hoping to sell the first flying car, a hybrid car-plane named Transition. The Transition isn’t like a flying car we dreamed of as it is clumsy and hard to …
Some Planets Have a Type of Military Defense System
Scientists have discovered that plants can communicate with each other to warn against potential danger. The plants that have this function seem to be ground plants like strawberries, clover and reed, plants that have horizontal stems. They grow on, or in, the ground, and they can share information.
Sharon Buck is an Organ Donor…Are You?
Just recently, my band Sharon Buck Dixon Road was playing at Crystal Falls in Chelsea. A pair of our fans came up to us before the show started and said they had to leave and they had a good excuse.
The woman had been contacted by the hospital saying they had a kidney for her.
What an incredible thing…
Sharon’s Home Remedy For Fruit Flies Works!
It was getting so bad in the kitchen sink it felt like the scene from The Green Mile: when Michael Clark Duncan releases the badness into the air. Remember that?
Well, I was living it this past week.
Luckily, the internet and YouTube have endless information on how to do just about anything!

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