The Longer You Sleep, The Weirder Your Dreams
Everyone dreams and there are a lot of triggers that make people dream differently. Science has discovered the longer you sleep, the weirder your dreams become. As the night goes on, from early to late night, dreams become more bizarre.
Chimps Are Just Plain Mean
It has been thought that interaction with humans contributed to chimpanzees have a mean streak in them. A new study refutes that claim saying chimps are natural born killers and have a mean streak born in them.
Boy Born With Four Arms and Legs
Paul Mukisa was born on May 27 with a condition known as ‘parasitic twinning’, its where one twin is not fully developed. Paul had two legs and arms from his brother that never fully grew. Paul was the host body so he had four arms and legs.
Mysterious Crater in Siberia
In a remote section of Siberia, a giant crater was found and no one knows how it got there. An oil and gas industry helicopter was flying over the area when they spotter the crater and hovered over the giant hole stating in was big enough for the helicopter to fly in.
Animals Are Smarter Than You Think
As scientists continue to study animals and learn more all the time, they are finding that animals are smarter than we think. Of course they’re not as smart as humans but that doesn’t mean, in their own way, they’re not smart.
‘Untapped’ Mable Energy in a Bottle
Slopeside Syrup Company in Vermont is tapping into the energy drink market. It’s geared toward athletes like runners, skiers and anyone else involved in outdoor sports. It not your typical energy drink, it’s pure organic Vermont maple syrup in a bottle.
August 22nd is Tongue Twister Day
August 22 is Tongue Twister Day which is the combination of sounds that make people lose control of their mouth or twist their tongue. MIT researchers came up with (what they say) is the world’s hardest tongue twister. Here it is:
Chinese Restaurant Uses Robots to Serve and Cook Food
In China a restaurant has opened that is run by robots. There are 12 robots on the staff that cook and deliver food to the tables. They even have two robot hostesses’ that greet customers when they arrive. Each robot cost $6, 500 or the same as a year’s wage.
Google Moon Shadowy Figuer
This just in about the ‘so called’ alien shadow seen on Google Moon, it was dirt on the lens of the camera taking the shot. There has been a video that has gone viral claiming to see the shadow of a figure standing on the moon.

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